Arianna Giménez Beltrán

Copyright 2017

HUNGERLAND is a multimedia project born as an answer to the contemporary economic system and its current representation: the economic crisis. Following the trail of hunger in Spain, HUNGERLAND expects bringing to light how capitalism and powers that hold it push population to survive out of vital rights.

Cuts in health and education, unemployment and household debt have left much of the population impoverished. Thousands of Spanish families not only face a housing and energy emergency; also a food emergency. This represents the final step in the scale of deprivation, it means, having nothing to eat.
Before the crisis, we refered to food security in terms of preservation of security, health standards and cleanliness of food. Not anymore: today talk about food security means talking about the difficulties that people face for getting food that garantizes their needs.

Is there hunger in Spain? Is it possible to eat without economic sources? Could we talk about hunger even with a plate on the table? The answer is yes.

Of all of the faces of this comprehensive poverty, hunger is the less visible. When we think about hunger, our imaginary often brings us to images of bodies devastated for big hungers. Or clichés that, on and on, paint the canvas of urban poverty. Then, we can easily believe that in Spanish homes the right to food is provided.

HUNGERLAND combines photography, video and text documenting different cases where the right to food is vulnerated and, then, facing and naming a reality that, often, don't become known out of homes that suffer it. Minewhile politicians talk about an hipothetical end of the crisis in Spain, HUNGERLAND confronts spectators to a close reality, but intangible, and alerts about the wounds we are getting use to live with.

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